Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Holiday Inn

Hi, everyone! I'm back from our two week holidays in France ( included a stop in the Netherlands and a spontaneous London trip!!) and i wanted to make a typical "cheesy" sunset post :) Yes, i know it is very trivial to shoot sunset photos, but once you set a foot on this endless beach everything else seems to become  unimportant! The view is breathtaking!
With this post i open the "holiday" season, so stay tuned for more "beach" photos...

Jeans-ZARA/ Top-H&M Trend/ Shoes-H&M/ Hat, bracelet- ZARA

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Sunday inspo

Pic by 5inch up
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Photo via Pinterest
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Montag, 30. Juni 2014

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