Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

Pleats, lurex and Stella

The Summer collection 2016 from Stella McCartney is one of my favorite for this season. Especially the colored pleats dresses!!! This outfit is my own interpretation of Stella's creations: monochrome, lurex, pleats with touch of extraordinary accessoires. Not an everyday outfit, but sometimes i love to get dressed up!

Outfit-ZARA/ Palm cuff-ASOS

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

Gucci got me

I usual do not follow trends. Even though i work in the fashion industry as a visual commercial and to be in trend is part of my work, i don't follow something if it doesn't fits to me!
But Gucci's Geek Chic Hype!!! Omg, that's totally me, i swear! I just love the mix of vintage, seventies, boyish and everything between. I think it's more the kind of felling being free and crazy, than the fashion theme, that Alessandro Michele try to express.
This is my personal interpretation of the Geek Chic. I hope you like it. And if even the people looked at me kind of  strange on that day, i just can say: You know what, i don't care!

Bag-Vitage/Shoes-H&M Trend/everything else-ZARA

Sonntag, 10. April 2016


Not only because of this military jacket and the industrial scenery, i decided to rename this post Nikita! For all of you, who knows the famous song from Elton John (especially the music video of it) will instantly recognize the  analogy.
This outfit we shoot in end of February. I know that i'm probably the worst blogger when it comes to timing! You see already everywhere  spring outfits, with open shoes and so.. But if it comes to the weather here in Germany, this could be for two weeks! Anyway, this is my last "winter outfit" post. It is a good cut, because i work on a new page for the blog and have a lot ideas for the spring! I'll try to do my best and to post regular! If my job allows it!!! Thanks again to all of you who have been following from the start! This was a long time ago, i know :)

Jacket/Bag Pack/ Shirt-Zara

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